We can probably fit one of these in every room of our house, right?

Girl on the Street: New York Fashion Week
Photo Credit: Diego Zuko
Blusa: Bonjour Bizou 
Calça: Pretty n’ Love (Bazaar)
Bolsa: Wild Candy 
Sandália: Perfect Day 
Colar: Grátis 
Blusa: Decades (Bazaar)
Shorts: It Girls (Bazaar)
Bolsa: Callie’s Picks (Bazaar)
Sapato: UGG 
Blusa: It Girls 
Bolsa: Callie’s Picks (Bazaar)
Shorts: It Girls 
Sandália: Pretty n’ Love (Bazaar)
Blusa: Basics 
Shorts: Pretty n’ Love 
Bolsa: Pretty n’ Love (Bazaar)
Sapatilha: Basics (Bazaar)